To Fear Or Not To Fear


Having worked with thousands of performers, presenters, speakers, and leaders, over the last 26 years, fear comes with the territory.

Whether it’s the fear of performing, speaking, trying something new, or even my own fear of working with someone who I perceive to be at a higher level than I am, fear is one of the constants that inspires.

That’s right. I’ve observed that fear is actually a highly effective motivational tool when you are able to redefine and embrace a new understanding of what it actually is and is not.

In my book, Being UNapologetic, I share a story about renowned yogi Baron Baptiste that illustrates what fear is not. During his training experiences, he’d invite people to the microphone to share. Here’s an excerpt:

...She stepped up to the mic and immediately started blurting out, “Oh, my gosh, I’m so nervous.... I never do this.... I can’t believe it.... I’m feeling so scared! I don’t know if I can speak!”

She was speaking fast and furiously, but Baptiste gently interrupted her with a boyish smile and said, “Hang feel scared? Tell me more. Can you describe exactly what you’re feeling?”

Woman: My heart is racing. I’m sweating, and I feel it all up here. [Motions toward her chest.] Baron: Where exactly in your chest, and what exactly are you feeling?

Woman: It’s all here [motions toward her chest] and it’s tight….

Baron: Is it constricting? Is it in one specific area?

Woman: I feel it’s like a ball near my heart.

Baron: Okay, is it at the surface? One-inch deep?

Woman: Um…it’s just under the surface.

Baron: How big is it? Size of a grapefruit? A tennis ball? Ping pong ball?

Woman: It’s the size of a orange…hmm, no…a lemon…. wait…actually, I don’t feel anything—I’m fine!

Fear, in this case, was a misinterpretation.

What if, instead of looking at fear as the thing that can potentially get in the way, you looked at fear as the opportunity to expand, transform, and achieve your goals?

Is it possible that fear presents the opportunity to explore and gain a deeper understanding of who you are and the current boundaries of your comfort zone?

I always tell my clients, “I’d be more concerned if you had no fear. That would indicate that the stakes aren’t high enough.”

When asked the question, “when does the terror of performing go away?” Grammy-winning composer Eric Whitacre says, “[it] never goes away, you just get very, very comfortable being terrified in front of people.”

Channel the sensation you label as fear.

Welcome it as the opportunity, the knock from the universe, that you are being invited to explore your growing edge of possibility.

What lives on the edge of possibility?


Celebrate fear as one of your most powerful motivators for success and an opportunity to achieve your highest potential.

Say YES to the opportunity fear provides. Success is waiting for you.

Davide Di Giorgio

Davide Di Giorgio is an UNapologetic Speaker, Author, Leadership and TEDx Coach, Founder of UNapologetic Enterprises, the unWorld Leaders Network, and the Creator of the Speaker and Mastermind Experience at Sea. As one of the world’s leading speaking and leadership experts he’s worked with thousand of on-purpose speakers, performers, executives, and leaders across multiple industries for more than twenty-five years.

His philanthropic endeavor, Project UNx dares to tackle bullying and build confidence and self-esteem while funding dream projects for high school performing arts students.

Davide’s unapologetic approach has made him the go-to creative expert for on-purpose executives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who want to become unstoppable global leaders.