To Give or Not to Give Referrals


A 47-year old from NY, I grew up in a time when vouching for someone could mean making the deal of a lifetime happen or living with a consequence. Some consequences were more dire than others, but in the end, you realized that passing along a referral or vouching for someone has become as sacred as your handshake. 

In today’s fast-paced climate, driven by social media, the referral has in many instances lost its importance to most average business professionals. They stalk media platforms waiting for a “Friend” to make a  recommendation request and then “Whammo!” they tag another media friend and they look for instant gratification with likes and comments and an in for them to offer their services later in the equation. Unfortunately, most of the time they don’t know the person they referred or more importantly their work ethic and integrity. This in many cases becomes disastrous for them when the referral fails to deliver, then deals are lost and personal/media friendships are strained.

If you take your time to really look, though, you will see that for the very successful business professionals, success is not measured in social media friends or likes, but in dollars and cents. Actually, elite business professionals very rarely, if at all, offer a referral in a public setting. Why? The answer is simple… They have built a success in and around themselves that their competition envies and that they are unwilling to compromise that achievement by just “passing along a name.”

As a business owner for 25 years, it is important for me to ensure that everything I do is a positive reflection on me and my teams! Being respected in your field of business is the key to longevity. My advice is to hold your referral close to your heart and your checkbook! Realize that if you don’t know the individual through work, performance, social outings and family (see that I did not put an “or” in there) then maybe you should kindly and respectfully hold off on blurting out a name for the sake of filling a need because you might be digging a deeper hole for them and you.

When you do have someone that has lived up to your expectations and truly believe that they are a perfect reflection of you, then offer that referral in a private setting with an explanation so the recipient knows why you offered him/her as a perfect solution. When the client and referral succeed, they will quickly come back to you for more referrals and ultimately more business, creating the perfect win-win scenario! 

Remember that in business you are only as good as your last mistake or your last referral!

Gregg Sharp


Be on time, Be ready to work and Be able to communicate 

After years of producing quality work our Mission Statement actually was no longer words on a page but real life. A2M Contractor's strive to not only over deliver on every project's expectation but we do it with the knowledge that we have determined our costs in doing business and understand that based on the commitment to our client, our job and success has been predetermined from the start. We believe in our client's trust of A2M Contractors!

When you hire A2M Contractors the three "B's" in a Contracting Company are the backbone of what makes us successful. We are on time, we are ready to work and most importantly we are in constant communication with you the client. We know what makes a difference and it shows!