Letter to the Military Spouse Rockstars


To all the confident military spouses out there,

I see you. I see you every day doing everything you can to support your service members and your families. I see you over there wearing multiple hats. I see you juggling this thing called life- military life.  Though you aren't the one wearing a uniform, you are vital to your Soldier/Sailor. You are part of the team.

Maybe you knew exactly what you were about to do. Perhaps, like my wife, this life came as a surprise to you and derailed "the plan." Regardless of how you got here, there is no denying that this life is hard. Hard is almost an understatement. This "business trip" isn't only one week. It could be over a year. There are constant changes, there are constant unknowns, and there are constant uncertainties. Navigating this life and sometimes your place in it is hard.

People always talk about how honorable and brave military men and women are, and I firmly believe that to be true. We are privileged to live in this country with our freedoms because of the men and women who have risked their lives for us and sacrificed so much for us to be able to live the way that we do.

But most people neglect to mention the families and loved ones of those serving who ultimately act as their rock and support. Nurturing a relationship with someone who is overseas is far from easy, not to mention the hardship of being the mom and the dad for the kids. I believe that being a spouse is truly the hardest job in the military.

With all that being said... this should never be an excuse to stop "Your Plan!" Screw being content in life! Be the Lady boss that states her dream publicly and goes about making it happen. You know you have much to offer a team, business or passion project and should expect nothing less than equality in every area of your life. Don't quit on yourself because you might move again or the unknown is ahead. The unknown of not knowing your potential seems scarier to me. There are so many opportunities out there. Dive in!

Surround yourself around people who will do everything they can do to help you make your dream come true. The world needs boat rockers, floor shakers, and earth movers. Tell the world your desires, hopes, and dreams.

Knowing that you can do it, knowing that you can make something amazing of this life, knowing that you can make a difference, however small, in the face of all the hardship makes this totally worth it.

So, keep going forward no matter the distance of each step! One step at a time, you will get to the top of the staircase. Keep making everything you can of this life in spite of all the hardships. I believe in you.

This is dedicated to my wife Shelley Nyland for being the rock of this military family.   



Active Navy Officer who is on a mission to bring hope, the promise of a better life through wellness and opportunity. Helping veterans and entrepreneurs achieve a glass half full and their dreams. Motto is #neversettle. I will never settle for things that matter, family, friends and good health.