Top Three Opportunities For Women in Gaming


Gaming is one of the most dynamic and fun careers you can have. If you’re a gamer, it’s even that more exciting to be a small part of what you love! Believe it or not, the Video Game industry wants women to be in this industry and to make a difference in ways unforeseen just ten years ago! What are some of the ways you can get your foot in the door? Let’s get perspective.

1. Streaming

There are so many different ways to stream your way to some great success! You need a unique way of presenting yourself and a working knowledge of video editing and sound recording for live broadcasts. You need a hook for your show, what will get people to watch your feeds?

The easiest way? Stream consistently and often. Show people you are in it for the long haul. That your show can be a staple in their lives! Connect with your audience. Talk with purpose, be entertaining. Be authentic and be true to who you are as a person. Finally, interact with your fans on all social media outlets, like Twitter and Instagram. Be seen and get noticed!

2. Women In eSports

I could write a whole article about just this subject. So many places to start! But, in 2017, SimBin Studios was one of the first companies to announce a female tournament. They call it, “Women And Wheels.” Other tournaments soon followed, the Girl Gamer eSports Festival and then the Supergirl Gamer Pro event. Point is, there are places that female gamers are being recognized and their fanbase is growing. You can be among these women!

Take Sasha Hostyn aka Scarlett, she is the top money-maker with a little over $200k in earnings for 2018 from her Twitch feed and live events. The money these ladies make is being counted and noticed. The opportunity is there. What we need to do now is make the eSports world equal among the genders so the best can play the best! Believe in yourself, practice regularly and keep track of the most popular, trending games. But have fun in all that you do in eSports!

3. Development

This is where my expertise is, with over thirteen years of experience in testing and developing video games professionally. There are three areas of need in the development of a video game:

1. Programming

2. Art & Design

3. Business Operations

Whatever your expertise, these three areas provide a tremendous way of putting your unique view and passion in the Video Game industry. It’s about your passion, drives and what is important to you. Women are needed in these fields. Your way of thinking, telling a story and looking at the world brings a flavor that has not existed in games before this era of game development.

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Steve Meim has over twelve years of experience working as a professional in the video game industry and is credited with working on award-winning titles that have been enjoyed by millions of people around the world. His success in creating a career where he’s excited to work every single day has inspired him to use video games as a tool to help others to do the same. Want to find out how video games even saved his life? Find him at his link above.