Transforming Your ‘Stress Tank’ into a ‘Fish Tank’


You lie there in the silence of the night with a constant worry of what is going to happen the next day. How are you going to pay the bills? What will you get done in the upcoming day to benefit your future? How much more time is needed to make your dreams come true? How can you get out of this constant cycle? All of these thoughts boil the blood in your body and get your mind going.

By implementing this one simple strategy, you can not only lower your stress and anxiety but increase your attention span and mood, as well as improve sales. If that sounds great to you, let's dive in! (Literally.)

Owning your own business is a stressful mystery many don’t understand and applause are given to you for pursuing your passion.

You see, starting up your own business is ultimately a guessing game, all you can do is hope you guess right. You feel trapped, sort of like a fish in a fishbowl. You feel the water changing around you, but you can never do anything to cleanse your situation.

Running your own business is a fulltime job, except you get paid what you earn, rather than getting paid hourly working for someone else's dreams. This can pile on the stress even more!

What if you can’t pay your employees? What if you don’t sell enough this month to pay rent? Or what if your business idea doesn’t explode like you wanted?

Owning a business can be a heart attack waiting to happen. After all, you are responsible for everything and all that pressure builds up and you have no way of relieving that stress.

Countless studies conducted by prestigious universities and news sources have shown that a person’s blood pressure and heart rate will drop when watching an aquarium, even if it doesn’t have fish in it! It has also been shown that you get more benefits with more fish swimming around. Just by installing an aquarium, you and your employees will be calmer, more relaxed, and be better able to perform more productively.

Aquariums don’t just benefit you and your employee's mood though; they can also relax your customers. By your customers being more relaxed due to the soothing water trickling of your aquarium and your fish elegantly swimming around, your customers will be more inclined to split ways with their money for your product.

Think about it, when you were a kid in a dentist and you were getting scared for your “teeth cleaning” you would go STRAIGHT to the aquarium to stare at the fishies, which would subconsciously take your mind off the fact that you’re getting a root canal or something extremely painful. Why not do the same thing for your customers? Granted, your customers may not be there for a root canal, but I think you get the idea.

By investing in an aquarium, you are also investing in your health, your employees' productivity, and your customers pocket-books. Who doesn’t want to live a more stress-free, calm, and peaceful life?! Plus, they simply look AMAZING!

Leandro Brandao


Leandro is a ‘Teenpreneur’ whose passion is saltwater aquariums; which have helped him through many tough times. Leandro started an aquarium cleaning service in San Diego called, Reefalicious, as well as co-founded a clothing brand for entrepreneurs called “Enspired.” Leandro pioneered the Young Entrepreneur Society (YES) Club at his school and is now a director at multiple schools. He helps fellow students like him who have the burning desire to start their own business and pursue their passions successfully. He aspires to be the person he wished he had when he was younger.