True Enjoyment Is Just On the Other Side of Your Fear

Fear is a meaningful sense to possess. This feeling keeps us safe by telling our brain to either fight or flight in dangerous situations. This goes back to caveman days because there were predators everywhere while these older ancestors hunted.  

In 2018, fear is no longer something that merely keeps us safe. Now, this sense steals people’s ambitions, drive, success, and happiness. When we do not try new things due to fear, we never grow personally, spirituality, or in our careers.

Take the story Will Smith tells about skydiving. Will had agreed to go skydiving with his friends; he did not want to jump but didn’t want to be the only one too afraid to jump. He spent all night worrying about all the things that could go wrong. He did not sleep that night. When he was standing on the tarmac waiting to take off, he was shaking and becoming sick to his stomach. Finally, it was his turn the instructor said jump on three, well on the count of 2 the instructor jumps with Will because people hold onto the railings at three so they are pushed before they can grab on.

Free falling through the air was the most fantastic feeling. All of the fear was gone, and the only thing was Will being in that great moment. We experience the most fear up until the moment we jump. We worry when we are not in any danger. This is how we approach our lives; we allow fear to hold us back. The most change for every one of us is just on the other side of our comfort zone. So go jump into your life, do one thing each week that takes you through fear and to that area of growth you wish to be in.

Whether it’s a new job, skydiving, dating, divorcing, traveling, or writing that book. Whatever your passions are it is time for you to jump.

Tamara Linnan


Tamara Linnan is a Mother, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Non Profit Director, and Mental Health Activist.