True Freedom


I walked into the hospital January 21, 2017, to find out that I was bleeding internally and the next thing I know, I’m in a surgery that should have taken four hours yet took six. A four-day stay in the hospital turned into 11 months of uncertainty. My head was spinning, I felt trapped. How could I work trapped in a small hospital room? Could I run a business and heal? Am I a prisoner to this circumstance?

I honestly had to pray, reflect and decide. I decided that I had a business not so I would be trapped, but so I could find freedom! Once I established that I would run a business from that small bed, I no longer felt like I was in a cell.

With the help of a great office manager, that went to networking meetings, I was able to sign up more clients and focus on my business in a way that I never had before. I could not afford to lose my income while I was in the hospital trying to get better and I was transparent. I told future clients of my circumstances. I had them visit me at the hospital to show them who was fighting for their business as well.

I saw and listened to roommate after roommate ask to leave early due to fear of losing their employment. I realized then and there my calling was to provide others the freedom to be sick and not lose employment. The freedom to take as long as they needed to heal. After my 22nd roommate, Front Office Solutions Non Profit was formed.

For me now freedom means working my business no matter where I am. The freedom to provide a roof over the head of my children. The freedom to grow my business and succeed.

Freedom is the nonprofit I founded. The freedom to hire chronically ill veterans as well as paying for mental health services for veterans teen cutters and their families because my mother committed suicide. Freedom means having the ability to provide help and stability for others.

Freedom is giving service to those in need.



Tamara Linnan is a Mother, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Non Profit Director, and Mental Health Activist.