Types of Visionaries


People view the world in many different ways. Ways that some of us couldn't possibly understand unless we lived in their mind's eye. This is why we live in a world that has so many cool things, places, and ideas! Right now I'm typing this article on my laptop. This very device started out as a just a vision and was physically manifested because people made their vision a reality with their ability to follow through until they got their desired result.

Some people see things in what I call "black and white." As dull as that sounds these people are our world's artists, designers, etc... These visionaries see the world as a kind of art form they can manipulate with a stroke of a brush or as a symphony. Vision isn't necessarily just sight.  As a musician, I hear and see the world in a very different way than most, and I translate this onto my instruments.

Another type of visionary is what I classify as a "positive" visionary. These people see ideas that have already been made and find ways to enhance them! These people constantly annoy us with new iOS updates and what have you. If you have a vision, this person will quickly brainstorm a way to make it better than you originally planned. They bring new light to ideas. You can make an example of The Wizard of Oz and Wicked. Wicked is another take on what we know as The Wizard of Oz; a different perspective that enhanced our way of looking at the story we were told initially!

The last type of visionary may be the rarest of the three. These people I call "negative" visionaries. Of course, this type sounds... well, negative but I assure you this is one of the most expert visionaries because they can look at the world and see what IS NOT there! They see the invisible and as you know this task is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. These people are hardly ever surprised by an end result. If asked if they were, in fact, surprised you may hear them say, "no, actually this is exactly what I envisioned. Maybe not with these people or the exact path I took but I knew the result would look like this."

What kind of visionary do you most resemble? We all are capable of all three but usually lean toward one. Know your niche. The faster you learn it, the quicker you can grow, create, and expand your business and ideas!

Be kind to yourself and those around you. Don't give up on your happiness and success.