Welcome to Baby Boomer In Training Class


Welcome To Baby Boomer In Training Class

Creating the life you want to live in your boomer years

In a world of labels, I’m not exactly a baby boomer. I guess technically I’m a Gen X’er, being born in 1966. But that makes me an old Gen X’er.  I don’t want to be the oldest in the group. Surely, I fit in somewhere. I’ve got it! I’m a baby boomer in training. I’m going to be great at being a baby boomer – as soon as I figure out what that means.

What I know.

For 20 years I was a wife, mom, lunch box preparer, laundry girl, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green pea maker, extended family get together planner, suitcase packer, gift basket for the secretary creator, homework checker, small business owner, and co-bill payer who enjoyed first class family travel to far-away places. Then without warning, I was suddenly single in the South - in a cookie cutter subdivision - and on a big-time budget. The dream of living on a quiet leafy street in the suburbs of an award-winning big city, in a gorgeous home, with 2.5 children, a caring and committed spouse, and an adorable dog who sits mindfully for the annual matching outfit family portrait which graces the embossed, high gloss, Christmas card came to an end.

The good news. You can eat cereal for dinner in your pj’s.

You’re almost a baby boomer, and you’re single. You can do what you want. But what are you? That’s the question I often found myself asking. I lost my identity. And my purpose and my future. Sure, I could do what I wanted when I wanted. I could even eat cereal for dinner in my pajamas in front of the tv! But I felt lost. I had no idea what the future looked like.  No one needed me to clean, check homework, or take the shirts to the dry cleaner. No one asked what’s for dinner. Sound familiar?

The magic of rediscovering YOU.

I don’t know if I got over the “what should have been”, or if I just got used to it.  But I did finally accept it which helped me let go of the roles that identified me, stripping me down to an almost blank canvas so that I could tap into the girl I used to be. They call it finding yourself. I call it rediscovering my passion. Finding out what I like. What interests me. What I always wanted to try. Learn. Now’s my time.

Being a baby boomer in training requires you to think about you, and how you want your future to look. This is the time you’re laying the groundwork to make it happen. You’re dabbling in new hobbies. Meeting people. Going to organized activities and gathering new experiences. I wish I could say there’s magic. There’s no magic. It’s just a new chapter, and it’s going to be great because it’s all about you.

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Susan Dejanovic is a freelance writer based in Greenville, SC. She enjoys meeting new people, having new experiences, and writing about them. Her wittiness and reflective style lend to her writings on life and starting over. It's a therapy she hopes helps others as much as it helps herself. Member: ITWPA