What Is An Obstacle?


What is an obstacle? Something that makes your life more difficult? Something that gets in your way and stops you from getting to your success? Or is it a blessing? How many successful entrepreneurs have you heard of with easy lives, perfect stories, and no obstacles? There isn't a single person I can think of that has lived an 'easy' life and made it as a successful entrepreneur. So take each obstacle in your life as a blessing, and if you aren't coming up against any obstacles, ask yourself, are you aiming high enough? Today I want to share with you some tricks you can use to turn your obstacles to opportunities.

Always look for solutions:

You get more of what you focus on. How many times has stress brought you the answer? I see people so often stressing over the smallest problem when if they only stopped and thought, they would know how to solve the problem. Looking for the solution is a habit that you can train in your mind!

It is a process of constantly asking yourself, "How can I fix this?" The more you ask yourself that question, the more likely the answer is going to come to you. But first, you need to stop yourself from feeling the stress. Do this by taking a second, closing your eyes, taking a deep breath in, and holding it at the top as long as you can, then releasing the breath and dropping your shoulders. When you do this, you actually change your physiology and have a better chance of combating stress.

Expect the best, prepare for the worst:

Many times obstacles come because we didn't prepare properly. Think of how easily events would go if you had everything you needed? I'll let you in on the secret... You can! You will only be as prepared as you are, so start preparing more! Spend the time to build your CRM, invest in that new course, practice your speech, do whatever you have to do to be prepared. Stop being your own obstacle and start preparing. 

Find someone that has been there before:

They say the best way from point A to point B is a straight line, but do you think it is easier to drive straight through the grand canyon, or just go around it? Life isn't always so black and white, and when it isn't, it's usually better to have someone show you the easy way. In business, that's a coach or mentor. Someone you can call day or night, someone that has been there before, someone that you can depend on to show you the easier way! Finding a mentor, someone that has already been through the obstacles and can show you where they are, can make your journey not only easier but also shorter. 

Don't let obstacles stop you from what you deserve, go after your success, reach your goals, and share your success story.


Stephen Dela Cruz is a best selling author, speaker and serial entrepreneur who specializes in helping budding entrepreneurs double their income in their first year. He’s built several 7 figure businesses and in his online school, The Mastermind Experience, he shares strategies around time and money management to help beginning entrepreneurs soar. You can see more about Stephen on his website and follow him on his Facebook page.