What Is Family?

What Is Family?


Have you heard “Home is where family is” and wonder but what is family?

I sure had, growing up, I was told that my family was my mom, dad, and two sisters. Then when I was in third grade, my parents divorced. My older sister left to live with my dad, my mom was always working, and my other sister will always be occupied with school activities. I had a feeling of loneliness; I did not have a family anymore.

For school activities, the teacher would tell me to let your family know so they can come and see you, and I wonder who do I tell? I will invite my dad, mom, and sisters only my middle sister will attend (mostly because we attend the same school, but she will stop by my classroom and cheer for me) I will see how the parents of other kids will take them to school and here I am walking to school by myself. Until one day, the neighbor next door saw me, and she offers to take me to school and not only that she invited me to her house for breakfast. I accepted her invitation, and from that day on, I had a delicious breakfast every morning until she had to get a job and was not available to make breakfast for me or to take me to school. During those few months, I got to experience what I wish I had from my mom. 

Later, in life to have a family meant to get married and have kids. Well, I had my first son at a young age did not get married. I split with my son’s dad when he was one. I found myself again with that feeling of loneliness, and this time was worse. I felt that I was not giving my son a chance to have a family. Eight years later, I had another son this time got married because I was going to give my boys a chance to have a family. After almost ten years, I decided to get divorced, and here I go again with that feeling of loneliness and now failure because I fail in giving my boys the family that they deserve.

Now, after growing up not having the traditional mom, dad, and sibling family, been a divorcee. I have met a lot of people, and I finally got to experience and understood my meaning of what a family is. Family is someone that cares and take care of you in any possible way. Either with their time, an act of kindness, they are there to help you in any possible way. The feeling of loneliness is gone because you know that someone is there for you. I have been going through life meeting different people accepting their love and care for me, and some of them have done so much for me that had become my family. 

Family doesn’t have to be blood-related, family are those individuals that show that they care for you and your loved ones, those individuals that because of them the feeling of loneliness is gone. Those that will do anything for you, and you will do anything for them. 


Anna Rendon

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