What Makes Me Recycle?

Hey guys, my name is Koala, yes Koala. I have had this nickname since I was a few months old. My dad gave me that name because I would always fell asleep as soon as someone carried me. It stuck! No one actually calls me by my real name, Edgar or Ivan but for me, my official name remains Edgar Ivan Koala Balderas my third name is what I choose to be called at all times.

As a kid, I always wanted a weekly or monthly allowance as any other kid did. My allowance was entirely different from taking out the trash or doing chores, my allowance would be based on how well I did in my academic grades:

A=$10, B=$6, C=$3, D=$1, and F, of course, $0 for no effort.

My academic grades weren’t always the best, which led to me not being satisfied with the little money I was making off of them. Mainly because I  didn't study enough to get A’s and B ’s. I got mostly C’s. So I had to find another way to make money, and that’s how recycling came into my life...

I always had the passion for recycling with excitement and not embarrassment, why because it’s embarrassing not having a dollar to give than recycle a couple bottles to help out the world.

As a kid, I knew there were three ways to make money:

1. Get good grades

2. Sell stuff(garage sale)

3. Recycle bottles and cans.

And the one I like the most as a kid was recycling. At first, I knew that I was keeping plastic away from the ocean that was the right thing, and the second I realized I liked to recycle was when I would be digging for gold.

I have been doing business since I was a kid but I never knew it was business. My family would throw parties, and where there’s a party, there is glass bottles, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans, AKA $! I thought to myself, I have been doing it as a kid and why not make it an official business; that's when I started my first company, "Koalas Mobile Recycling."

Whenever there is a family party or any party in general, I recycle. I get a thank you from the owner for picking up the mess of bottles and cans off the floor instead of the owner cleaning up after the party themselves.


Koala Balderas

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