What Would Anne do?

What Would Anne do?

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As an entrepreneur and parent, seeking balance in work and family life is pretty daunting and challenging. Especially when we want to pursue a dream for ourselves and not for someone else. But, can an entrepreneur have the time needed to focus on their business without ignoring the attention required from their family? Even then, possible to have quality time for ourselves?

With the right mindset and tools for success, YES! 

Here are 3 quick tips to get you going:

Find your WHY - What drives you to move beyond yourself? Why do you do what you do? And, what pains you to keep pushing on? Now, think deeply, what fuels you when you are going through the tough times. Thoughts of "Can I do this?" "Is this worth it?" and especially "I want to give up!" Trust me, you will go through a lot of this, but it is your WHY that will get you to a better lifestyle.

For my husband and I, our kids, are our everything. Everything we do, we do for them. What pains us, is if we don't work hard, our kids won't have food, clothes on their backs, and a roof over our heads. This also proves to our friends and family that we could not make it happen.

Vision Building & Goal Setting - 

Vision building and goal setting are one of the key foundations for achieving the lifestyle for your family. Pick a time to sit together as a family and ask, "What kind of lifestyle do you want for us?"

Have fun with this and even let the ideas go off the wall. Have your family goals on a large enough place to see it daily, and revisit the goals with the family often. By doing this, it helps the family share a common vision and motivates us to make it happen. When we do this, it is such an encouraging experience. We love what our kids say, can you imagine what 4 little minds come up with?

Find your family/tribe - Entrepreneurship can become a pretty lonely place. Even more so, you will find that the lack of support you thought you had once has disappeared. Finding like-minded individuals or even community can become a support group that you need to help continue on. This helps A LOT. Being surrounded by the continuing support will help you feel less hesitant to move forward, and you will have the guidance and mentorship you need. We are grateful that we found our family through Stegela. We live life together, share our victories and defeats, and have not once felt lonely during our journey.

These are some key elements that have helped us from the start and continue to be a foundation to motivate us to become better entrepreneurs and parents. How will you start?


Anne Berrera

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Anne Barrera is a photographer specializing in personal/business branding and corporate/conference photography. Also the cover photographer for Stegela's "Life by Design" entrepreneurial magazine and Stegelas official photographer for event coverage and everything in between. Anne is in business with her husband and making all this happen while being a mom of 4 little ones. All in all, Anne aims to be an inspiration for entrepreneurial parents to thrive while building a legacy for their family.