What Would Your Avatar Do?


No, I am not talking about the movie Avatar. I’m referring to your character avatar, your perfect customer. As a podcaster, this was one of the first steps I learned when trying to develop the perfect listener. But this concept doesn’t just work in podcasting, it works in every type of business or situation when you need to make a decision. As a business owner, you are bound to run into a situation where you will be creating brand new products or services for your customer.

Have you ever wondered if those ideas will stick? Whenever you are debating on rolling out a new feature in your product, or change some of the copywriting in your website, think about how your avatar will react to it, and you will find the answer. This process will help you get clarity on whether or not your product or service is worth moving forward with.

The avatar is that perfect listener to your podcast or perfect customer to your product. It dives into their age, income, gender, interests, pain points, etc. Here’s what to include:

What are the goals and values of your avatar? When thinking about your own product or service, what is the end goal in mind for the customer? For example, if I were to create a product on fitness, the goal of my avatar could be to lose weight or gain muscle from using my product. Some of the values that avatar may be committed to are the consistency in using the product or personal development.

Next is where does your avatar hang out and find their sources of information? Do they go to conferences, read a particular magazine, visit blogs, etc. The idea is to find out what they are attracted to so that it is easier for you to target them when advertising your product.

What is the demographic of your avatar? What is their age, sex, marital status, location, occupation, level of education, etc.? For fitness, your avatar demographic could be a single male, age 24, located in San Diego, just graduated out of college and had an entry level marketing job downtown. This part of the exercise will really bring your avatar to life.

Finally, what are the challenges and objections that your avatar is facing when reaching their goal? Going back to the fitness example, my avatar may have a challenge of having consistency in the programs that they’ve used in the past. The programs can be boring and not interesting enough. An objection can be that they would need a gym to gain muscle, which is incorrect!

Once you build out this avatar, what you will achieve is more clarity in the decisions you make in your business.


Rommel is an expert at being LIT. He believes that anyone can achieve mastery using the principles of Learning, Implementing, and Teaching. His goal is to empower and teach people to focus on the skills that they already have, and adapt them in a different way to start businesses of their own.