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Joey Wilder said, "It's not that kind of thing." He was wrong.

Joey's first brush with his own business was at 11 years old. Skateboard stickers were all the craze and he wanted to earn some money. He asked his grandmother to buy him some sticker paper and he used Microsoft Paint to create his own stickers. Joey then undercut the competition by selling his stickers 2 for $5 when shops sold them for $5 each.

By the age of 16, Joey was a sponsored skateboarder. After a few too many accidents, he parlayed his skateboarding skills into his next venture – filming himself and his friends skateboarding. He built a website through Yahoo Site Builder, used QuickTime to upload videos, and sold Google Adspace to generate traffic. Back then having a website was the equivalent to having a thriving social media page.

Around 24 years old, Joey became a personal trainer. One night while preparing for a bodybuilding show, Joey decided to have donuts for dinner. He made protein donuts, snapped a picture, and posted to Instagram saying, "Donuts for dinner."

The next morning, Joey woke up to hundreds of messages from people wanting to buy his donuts. Pete Ciconne, a professional bodybuilder and owner of 619Muscle gym even came to him saying he'd like to retail the donuts in his gym. This is when Joey said, "It's not that kind of thing." In response, this accomplished athlete stated, "Well, it should be."

Joey thought about what Ciconne said. He knew he was going through a dark time and he was borderline depressed. He was broke and just getting by. He took one hard look at himself and said, "What do I have to lose? I have everything to gain." San Diego Protein Company (SDPC) was birthed.

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Today, nearly 4 years later, SDPC's donuts are in over 30 retailers. A plethora of partnerships have been established, the largest being with the Anaheim Ducks and San Diego Gulls. A Nektar juice bar franchise will also be launched within the next couple of weeks.

Joey highly encourages having a community - a network that's supportive and rallies behind you. Also, build great relationships. Seeds he planted years and years ago are just blossoming and is really a testament to operating from a place of building true connections.

The biggest lesson Joey has learned during his journey is that it can always be better and it can always be worse. He advises to focus on the wins and operate from a place of passion and purpose as that's when you'll reap gains from your efforts.

Lastly, Joey is establishing a nonprofit called The Maybe Me Foundation. This foundation will raise money to help pay for children's sports and extracurricular activities. Participation in these outside activities can be costly and Joey's foundation will help those kids whose parents cannot afford them.

Joey enjoys hearing what someone is excited about, so connect with him and tell him what you are excited about.

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