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So unique and intriguing, Life By Design sat down and chatted with the owner of 9Round - East Village, a kickboxing themed fitness program that delivers an ultimate body transformation in just 30 minutes. The owner, Jessica Silbaugh, brought this franchised proprietary system to East Village San Diego. Check out this story of how she got started.

Jessica had wanted to own a gym since she was in high school. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but was a little scared to take that plunge. She credits her 9-month MBA program in Spain with giving her the courage to take that leap – to overcome fear and get out of her comfort zone.

When 9Round came up in Jessica's research, her accounting training kicked in and she started crunching numbers and looking at the business backend. Everything made total sense and it married her passion for fitness with her business background, so she got head strong and plowed forward with opening her gym.

A deep connection with health and fitness is what ignited Jessica's desire to open her own gym. Her stepfather was very much into bodybuilding and she found herself attracted to it at a young age.

She grew up watching the likes of Bob Paris (former Mr. Universe), Bev Francis (a top female bodybuilder), and Rachel McLish (the first Ms. Olympia). Watching these icons and having the exposure from her stepfather is what captured health and wellness into Jessica's heart.

Jessica's passion for bodybuilding and fitness never faltered and in her early twenties she found a new love in boxing. After moving to San Diego, Jessica discovered Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and again found herself with a new interest. Through her adoration with boxing and bodybuilding, Jessica molded a new workout routine combining these two modalities.

One feature that sets this gym apart from others is that trainers at 9Round – East Village work to light the fire within you and not just beneath you because anyone can extinguish a fire underneath you, but a fire within you causes you to push forward and strive to crush your goals.

"A life is a journey, not a destination" is the motto Jessica instills at her gym. She states, "you must learn from the journey and just make sure that you are taking steps to get to where you want to be."

Freedom for Jessica is all about not having to worry about having money to help others when those needs arise. Freedom is about giving back from everything you have received. It's not just financial, though. It's a mental thing as well, but giving back and helping others is the ultimate result of working toward a life of freedom.

Deeply researching your business idea – making sure you are truly passionate about it - is the advice Jessica would give someone else who wants to open their own business. She feels people fail at business because they don't understand the backend side. Jessica also advises to have a strong team as "nobody is a self-made anybody."

According to Jessica, strength in mobility is what gives entrepreneurs freedom. When you keep yourself fit and healthy, you provide a space where your endorphins build up and you keep that range of motion flexible to allow you to move with ease and accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

If you're interested in shaking up your workout routine or just need something a little un-ordinary to spark your fire, you should check out 9Round – East Village. It's unique, fun, with proven results, all together an awesome work out.

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