What's Going On San Diego? Ladies Night!


“As women, as Californians, as San Diegans, we expect more, we want more than just a drinking event. We want it all!”



This is what the creator of Chic and Savvy Ladies Night said when we asked her why she decided to start this inspired event. Featuring drinks, food, entertainment and education, Cory’s dream for this event is to create a community environment and expose people to the idea of seminars. In addition, she wants to make sure that small business owners and women have a place to learn, grow, and create an environment of success. This event isn’t only about having fun (don’t get us wrong, this event is still going to be a lot of fun), it’s also about building a community and changing the event world not just to have fun, or be productive, but create something where you can do both.


The inspiration for Chic and Savvy Ladies Night came from working in events, either as a vendor or running the events. Cory saw a problem that she could quickly fix with a little hard work and desire. This problem-solving spirit is precisely what entrepreneurship is all about!  Seeing there weren’t many events in San Diego that were based on small businesses, or businesses owned by women, created a drive in Cory. She found a passion for creating an event to build these brands, make connections, and showcase the small business talents.


But how can attending events help you or your business? Events can help create a sense of community, a place to network, and help you relax while still being productive. The motto of Chic and Savvy Ladies Night is “we are stronger together.” This comes from knowing that in business the more prominent your network the better chance you have of becoming successful. This is why attending value driven events can give you and your business the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who may refer people to your business or become clients themselves.


But who says that you can’t have fun and get value at the same time? Why does it have to be that you either go to networking events or go to events where you do nothing productive for your business? Cory doesn’t think that has to be the case! That is her dream! Creating an event where you can have a good time and still be productive. Her goal is hosting an event where you can have a drink, make connections, see comedians, build your brand, and learn from industry leaders all while having the time of your life.


So if you are looking for an event to create a community, network, and have a fantastic time, Chic and Savvy Ladies Night is the place for you! For event info please check out our website.