Hey, do you know what is Freedom? Do you have any idea how you could use love to set you absolutely and utterly FREE?

Being an Entrepreneur is not easy, definitely you have to wear once too many hats, especially at the beginning of this Journey Called “Building your own Dream and making it come true.”

The beginnings are not easy piecy, you probably invest much, much more than what you make, not knowing if those investments will ever give you a return, because, like many new entrepreneurs, you don't have the knowledge and clarity to discern a good investment from a shiny object.

Breath!. You are not alone.  It is ok if all the above happened or is happening to you. That is the way you learn, as one of my great mentors would say: “The goal is  the Journey, not the destination”. 

By now, you might be wondering: “What’s love got to do with it?” (Like the song), and while you imagine Tina Turner dancing on the stage with those long and amazing legs (unless you’re too young to know who T.T is, lol) let me assure you that: Love is the answer to all your questions, love is the only way and LOVE WILL SET YOU FREE.

Now you are probably thinking: “But Sylvia, how about the ROI? If I want to make money, what is that has to do with LOVE?”. “This is a business and business and emotions don’t get along”.

We’ve been told many “lies” about emotions and how them might interfere negatively in business decisions.

Now, I will show you why I believe not only that is a wrong statement but, how to utilize EMOTIONS to build your empire. 

  1. In order to get prospects to give you their money, they need to Know you, Like you and Trust you. The only way somebody will “feel” that way towards you, will be thru connecting with you. It is not just about having the right product or service, it is also about how you present it to your prospects, and how they “perceive” you and believe “you” have the answer to their needs. And if you doubt that, check how many people buy once too many unnecessary things they will never use and pay a fortune for them: “BY EMOTIONS.”

  2. When connecting with your prospects move your focus into them, imagine you are on a stage and you have those lights follow you everywhere. Now, take that light off you and point it to your prospect. Make sure they have your total and full attention. Let them hold the microphone and become the stars. while you watch and learn, and ask the right questions with legitimate interest. How do you think that would make them feel? I wrote FEEL not THINK. Now, you are on your way!

  3. Empathy: means putting yourself in the other person’s shoes from their perspective and perception. Have you ever tried to walk in a 2 sizes smaller pair of shoes?... pretty uncomfortable right? That is why empathy is so hard to do, because it is easier to put yourself in somebody’s else place, but putting on her/his shoes?... that is a completely different story. By you following Step #2, you allowed yourself to listen, understand and “Connect” with their true needs, desires and own ways.

  4. BE ON SERVICE: now you know, you have in front of you another human being with a story, somebody you have connected with, somebody that comes first for you right now, because you put all your focus on satisfying his/her’s requirements. You are in front of another being and YOU have what it takes to make that person happier, may be more confident, successful, YOU have the means to literally, change that person’s life. Now, and only now, you are ready to be on true service, because you are connected sincerely with that person,  you don’t think about money, about ROI, about what can I take from this situation because you know, you can touch a life and have the privilege to serve. And that feeling, my friend, money can’t buy. That is the true meaning of Being on Service.

  5. Once you executed all the previous steps you are ready to give without expectation, you are free from the outcome, you did your part, you gave it all for the relationship, you showed up for somebody else, you surrendered your own needs and desires to fulfill somebody else’s needs and desires. And that my buddy, that is LOVE.

When you serve others without expectations, without asking what is in there for you, without any other agenda but giving what you know you and only you can give. 

When you realize you have in your hands the power to literally improve and even change somebody’s life with your expertise and you put all that at their service, then you are free from the outcome, and LOVE is what set you free.

When you are touched by somebody else’s story, allowing yourself to “feel” the emotion of being the mean for his/her dreams to come true, that is LOVE, and that same LOVE will open the channel for you to create abundance in all areas of your life, like a domino effect. 

This is your time to Free Yourself allowing LOVE to be your guide in your business, using emotions and true connection to serve, and by serving FREE of expectations, you will get everything you want, because as many have said before me: 

“YOU don’t get what YOU want, YOU get who YOU are.” (Anonymous) 

America’s Love Queen