Who Is In Your Corner?


When we are kids growing up, how do we learn what is right or wrong, how to tie our shoes, or even how to speak English? How do we get better at math, sports, tying our shoes? We are constantly surrounded by others showing us the way, leading, teaching, and bettering us.

As we learn more and more, we start to believe that we no longer need someone to teach us. But can you honestly think back to when you were a child and say that learning the alphabet would be easier without someone helping you? If you can, then you are leagues ahead of where I am! It is important to learn as much as we can to better ourselves and our businesses. Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know! Having someone there to help you see from a new perspective can drastically improve your chances of success.

With the winter Olympics behind us, we had a great opportunity to see all of those amazing athletes in action. They put in hour after hour working to improve their craft, living with pain and restriction for months or even years to achieve their dream. When they choose who will help take them to that level of excellence, do they pick someone who has never played their sport? Do they pick someone who is unproven or untested? NO! If you ask any professional athlete, they will tell you how important it is to have a coach who can give you counsel, not an opinion. What would have happened if Phil Jackson told Michael Jordan to shoot with his elbow out? Do you think he would have made it very far if that was the advice he listened to?

Is there something that you aren’t seeing in your business? What if you had someone to help you see, to guide you, someone who has achieved success in their field, and possibly even yours? Life and business are filled with unique challenges. Facing it alone is not only difficult, it’s like trying to solve a math problem when you don’t know addition. Go back to that time when you were a kid, when you had teachers, and coaches for everything. Think of how much easier it was to succeed in what you were trying to accomplish!

So this year take a lesson from the greats and get a coach! Get someone to help you see your blind spots and help you improve on yourself and your business. The greatest investment you can ever make is in yourself; don’t let your own limiting beliefs stop you from achieving your greatest purpose in life!

Stephen Dela Cruz


Stephen Dela Cruz is a best selling author, speaker and serial entrepreneur who specializes in helping budding entrepreneurs double their income in their first year. He’s built several 7 figure businesses and in his online school, The Mastermind Experience, he shares strategies around time and money management to help beginning entrepreneurs soar. You can see more about Stephen on his website and follow him on his Facebook page.