Why BIG Decisions = BIG Outcomes

Moving the Needle With Chris Stock


Some people see making big decisions as a problem. The truth is, to be successful, you HAVE to make big decisions. Problems occur with big decisions when you’re not clear on your goals. When you’re clear on where you want to be, making bold decisions becomes easier.

But it’s not about making a decision because it’s bold; it’s about making the decision because it gets you where you’re going.

So how do big decisions get you there? They take you out of your comfort zone and stretch you to achieve more.

As the founder of BIG (the Business Institute for Growth), I know about going BIG. BIG deals, BIG outcomes, and yes, BIG decisions.

Throughout my career, I’ve seen thousands of big decisions get made. I’ve even made a few myself.

Across the Pond

My first big decision was leaving a secure, six-figure job to start my own business. I can tell you there have been challenges, but it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

My next big decision was moving to the US from the UK. I was in California with my partner running a 4-hour workshop for Google, and we decided to follow that with a 4-week vacation. I remember joking, “That’s a pretty good work-life balance!”

Of course, we’ve all been on vacation and thought, “wouldn’t it be lovely to live here.” Well for us, it became a reality.

We made the gut decision, sorted out the practicalities, and began moving our life and business to the US.

Things were looking great… until they weren’t. We had gone into business with my half-brother (a US citizen of 20 years), and the deal fell through. We lost everything. The business was gone. We burned through our savings to survive. We even had to sell the car.

But looking back, there was something invaluable I gained. Insight, direction, and clarity.

Through reassessing my path, I realized I had been focusing on corporate clients. Yes, I loved having Google, Adobe, BMW, and Sony Pictures as clients (who wouldn’t?). But during this time I was learning about myself. I learned that I wanted to impact individuals. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.

BIG decisions, BIG outcomes

I’ve learned a lot growing my own businesses three times. Now I use what I’ve learned to help hundreds of growth-stage startups and small to medium-sized businesses grow BIG.

So the decision to go into business with family was a huge mistake. But the lessons that came out of it were priceless. Now I’m on a new and exciting path. I’m still providing sales training and helping companies grow, but now through the Business Institute for Growth.  

Next year BIG launches in Irvine; late 2019 we’ll see BIG in L.A., and in 2020 we’ll see a BIG launch in San Francisco and San Jose. So then again, maybe going into business with family wasn’t such a mistake after all…

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Chris Stock, CEO & founder of DevEvo, is an International Sales Trainer, Coach, Author & Keynote Speaker with over 20 years of sales experience. He has developed the salesforces of global companies such as Google, BMW, Sony pictures and Fujitsu. Hailing from the UK, Chris is currently enjoying the SoCal lifestyle, where actual sun can be found on a beach.

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