Why Fears Are Simply Stories We Make Up


Fear is usually the one thing that paralyzes someone and prevents them from taking action. Now, this could be as simple as not watching a scary movie, to having a business plan or idea that you want to pursue and being unable to do so because of something holding you back. If you have ever been afraid to do something, it's time to get over that!

There are a couple of common fears most people have as an entrepreneur. By merely overcoming these fears, you will be much more positioned for success.  

Rejection: See from a business perspective most people would think that their biggest fear or that most are afraid of is something like public speaking, but in reality, most people fear rejection more than anything. The biggest piece of advice I could ever offer is to stop taking into account what people think about you and what their opinions are. Remember that people’s views are not going to pay your bills. If you have a goal or dream in mind, then pursue it because it ignites your fire. Even when Bill Gates was starting Microsoft or Steve Jobs with Apple, people rejected their concepts and ideas, can you think of what the world would be like or wouldn’t for that matter today if they had listened?

Not Having Time: One of the biggest reasons I hear from aspiring entrepreneurs about why they don’t pursue their dreams or try something new is, “a lack of time.” While time is one of the most precious commodities out there, most of us aren’t using our time as effectively as we could. The most useful tool I have found is something called calendar blocking. Outside of your regular schedule or as an entrepreneur break down your daily schedule on paper and every day have set times for set actions to become more productive.  You will end up finding you have more time than you think.

Unknown: Fear is usually coming from a position of misunderstanding. By this, I mean not being fully informed on where that fear is stemming from. For example, take the industry of network marketing, A LOT of people fear the industry, but most of those fears derive from common misperceptions and misinformation that isn’t factually accurate about the industry itself. But with a little education, you’ll find out that network marketing is the number one way someone can make an additional stream of income with insanely low risk. Why is there negative juju around it? Most haven’t taken the time to really look into the field and have made their opinions on those of others. So, educate yourself on what you are interested in. I promise you’ll be fearless!

Sometimes doing something as little as taking a breather will help you with breaking down the fear at hand. Dialing in on its cause is all you need to overcome them and continue your path to success.  

Jonathan Anderson-Ingebrigtsen

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If Jonathan Anderson-Ingebrigtsen could have any dream it would be that people spend more time making fun and quirky memories while seeing the world around them.  Life is too short to wait till tomorrow or live life on a some-day mentality.
He comes from the structured world of corporate HR and company cultural redesign and made the transition to a life that allowed him to become a Travel Blogger and Real Estate professional serving our Veteran Community while Living Full Time!
When he is not traveling around the world or helping his clients find their dream home, he loves parading around the house dancing to music, networking and developing others to help them reach their full potential, all-while munching on sour-gummies of all kinds.