Women Are Not Weak


Many people misunderstand 1Peter 3:7 where it mentions women are the weaker vessel. The operative word is “weaker” compared to their husband or a man. Physically we do not have the muscle mass a man is capable of achieving, and some of us may be quicker to cry while watching a RomCom or “chick flick.” But these things do not mean we are totally weak and always in need of help. We are capable of many things. We all have our own strengths, and we tend to use those in the benefit of others before that of ourselves.

What we as women need to remember is to fuel ourselves before we fuel others. So many times we do just the opposite and drain ourselves until we are either burnt out or literally dead! We are born nurturers, giving is our middle name. We give until we're gone. So how does that help anyone else if we aren't here?  How do we fuel ourselves? There are many ways, but we'll focus on three: 1) Fuel your passion 2) Fuel your body 3) Fuel your mind. When you fuel yourself first, you will soon find you'll have even more to give afterward.

When you fuel your passion, you allow yourself the time to do the things you love. Only you know what that is. You might have forgotten while in pursuit of service to others. Perhaps now is the time to reignite and reacquaint yourself with that old flame or find something new. I suggest to take a moment, find a quiet place, close your eyes and run through all the things in your mind that bring your heart joy. Music, art, cooking, writing, skydiving, dancing or is it something else, maybe you have multiple passions? Whatever it is recall how it made you feel when you used to engage in it regularly. Perhaps you became a professional at it, but life and the everyday cares of this world got in the way. If you are one of the many women that let your passion go by the wayside, open your eyes and take your passion back!

As women, we are more emotional than the opposite sex. Have we had so much drama in our lives that we ingested way too much comfort food? Or is it just the opposite we forget to eat. Whatever the case it's time to put healthy eating back in our lives. Set the alarm for eating times if you have to!

Last but not least, fuel your mind. Keep learning, there are endless things to study from nature to technology, from science to spirituality and everything in between. Rekindle that thirst for knowledge so you can grow and continue to be a resource for others.

All in all, we women are truly capable. We are not weak, not if we continue to ignite the passion within, exercise the muscle of our brain and fuel our bodies in a healthy way.

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Sharon J Geyer is from the northeast initially but has made her home on the west coast first in 1980 for nearly eight years, then returning in late fall of 2009. She currently resides in La Jolla a place that brings her heart joy because she is near her favorite beaches where she learned to swim at Children's Pool in La Jolla Cove. She takes delight in writing and hopes to impart knowledge or entertainment that the reader can use for their betterment or in which to find pleasure.