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“Wow! How does she fly that glass airplane?!”

That’s what I would always ask my mom as we’d sit to watch Wonder Woman, the late ‘70s TV series.

Wonder Woman, or Diana Prince as she was known when she wasn’t being a superhero, almost never resorted to deadly force. Instead, she’d find creative ways to get her opponents to knock themselves out as she’d push or throw them, rarely ever seriously hurting them, unlike most of the other male superheroes on television. Even as Diana Prince, an agent with the Inter-Agency Defense Command, she created success with strategy and instinct.

Just like Wonder Woman, my mother also displayed similar instincts and mastery of intuition, tact, and an acute understanding of timing (she always knew the right timing!).

I remember sitting at the kitchen table every Sunday morning as she cooked for hours. I was her trusted assistant and she managed four or five different dishes in-progress at the same time, all at different levels of completion, and she never missed a beat.

During the week, she worked in a men’s suit factory. Day in and out, she’d spend 8 hours sewing the lining onto the back panel of suit jackets. Her work environment and colleagues may as well have had their own TV series. She would share stories of the other women (each had an animal code name that identified some aspect of their personality - the wolf, the elephant, and the vulture) and explained her strategy for success and happiness, “I have a bigger vision - my coworkers are part of the entertainment of life. I know why I’m working...it’s you!”

Selflessness. Over and over, I learned that selflessness provided an element of drive and freedom that allowed her (and now me) to be up to something bigger and have an UNstoppable spirit.

I’ve been blessed to have more than one mother figure in my life. My American Mom spent most of her adult life traveling the globe as she led medical experts on education and SCUBA experiences. From stories of floating lost at sea overnight after a dive boat forgot her and her companions behind - to delaying a small plane from taking off without her clients by wrapping herself around the landing gear - she is a force to be reckoned with who often puts the needs of others before her own. UNselfish.

Consider some of the prominent Wonder Women who inspire the world daily simply by who they are being. Dolly Parton, UNapologetic in who she is. Ellen Degeneres, UNashamed and UNstoppable in her mission to inspire others to be kind. Oprah Winfrey, UNmessable in her beliefs and convictions.

Whether we follow their lead or we look to the women closest to us, observe the Wonder Women in your life to glean lessons of patience, perseverance, commitment, compassion, and even business strategy. Women are the originals - superheroes and teachers. Look to them for success principles to radically shift your own success trajectory in business and life!



Davide Di Giorgio is an UNapologetic Speaker, Author, Leadership and TEDx Coach, Founder of UNapologetic Enterprises, the unWorld Leaders Network, and the Creator of the Speaker and Mastermind Experience at Sea. As one of the world’s leading speaking and leadership experts he’s worked with thousand of on-purpose speakers, performers, executives, and leaders across multiple industries for more than twenty-five years.

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