Would You Fire Yourself?


Accountability is a HUGE part of being an entrepreneur and you have to be willing to ask yourself the tough questions.

A few questions to think about are: 1) How do I rank as an employee? 2) Would I blow the whistle on myself? and 3) would I really just sit back and watch an employee, that I paid a lot of money to, cut some of the same corners that I do?

It’s true that we all want a BIG pay off as an entrepreneur, but are we actually treating ourselves like a “Boss/Employee” relationship would?

Below are five tips and examples on how to strengthen your “Boss and Employee Relationship”

1) Accountability - Give yourself a clock-in time. For example, the “boss” side of you wakes up the “employee” side of you at 5:30 AM and has you clock-in to work at 6:00 AM, even though you work for yourself and don’t actually have a clock-in time.
2) Leverage money - Use money to set a standard for your business. For example, if your boss offered you an extra $10,000 a month and all you had to do was talk to five new people everyday for 30 days, it would be a no-brainer.
3) Training instead of competing - Your competition is your co-worker. For example, instead of trying to wipe out your competition, try giving them a helping hand. You never know when it’ll come back around.
4) You are your own podcast - You will become the advice that you give. For example, as an entrepreneur, you have to understand your business’ vital health is dependent upon your allowance of having the best ethics.
5) The long road - Short-cuts might end up leaving you short at the end of the month.

For example, you own an auto shop company and you choose to use cheap parts from an unknown supplier to make some extra bucks for the month. Later on, those same parts end up breaking on those clients, who decide to never do business with you again.

The more real you are, the more business you will do. Trust the process and do people right!! At the end of the day, the return will always be more than your investment.

Marc Beatty


Website: http://www.facebook.com/MarcOnPurpose