WTF - What the Fear?!


Fear is a great topic. Did you know that fear is created from ourselves? As the great legend Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Now, what creates fear? Honestly, its things that occurred in our past or things we have never done before. For myself, I feared public speaking. I am a very confident guy, but speaking in front of a large audience was something I was afraid of. What scared me most and may go for all of us was: stuttering, messing up, looking like a fool and being afraid to be laughed at. Can you relate? I bet you do. I was once a whimp to speak in front of an audience, but I am now speaking at schools, mastermind events and so on. How did I overcome that particular fear? If you are ready, here are a few tips I used to punch my fear of public speaking in the face.

1. Awareness

Fear is in our imagination; we create what makes us see reality scarier then it is. With fear, you must have the awareness to take action against it. Without knowing what you fear, it almost becomes things that are all that exist because you are experiencing it. You as a person become full of fear and avoid anything that is riskful. Don't let your fears overcome you.

2. Action Taking

Once you are aware of your fears, it time to sucker punch them. When taking action against your fears, it becomes weaker because, in reality, it is not as bad as you would have thought. Find things you can do to help you get out of your comfort zone. The more uncomfortable you are, the stronger you become. I call it “anti-fear” Do whatever it takes to become successful in that part of your life you fear.

3. Failure

I hate how schools use the word “failure” as a bad thing. The school system has built a chip into our heads saying when we fail a test, “you should be ashamed of yourself”, this creates fear! Most of our fears are fear of failure or somehow not living up to society's standards. In reality, failure is the best thing that can happen to you. For most, failure may seem the end of the world, but it actually sets you free from society standards. Failure is a stepping stone to our success and our personal growth to become a better person. When you are at a low point due to failure, that's when a lot of your growth excels.

With that being said, those are my tips to sucker punch fear. Fear is all a mindset we built into our heads. Those who face their fears become knowledgeable and a person of growth. Those who don’t face fear become closed minded and P.O.O.R (Passing Opportunities Overly Repeating). Where do you want to stand?

Darian Sam


Darian Chem is an author speaker podcast and vice President of yes at Crawford high school he is a very outgoing leader who leads by example by always taking action on his goes while helping others achieve theirs