Y.E.S. to Success

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This saying by Benjamin Franklin-5.png

Say Y.E.S. to success! Y.E.S. stands for Young Entrepreneur Society and it is an nonprofit entrepreneurship club that offers high school students a chance to learn about the business world and entrepreneurial lifestyle. As the president of Y.E.S. at Crawford High School in San Diego, California, I have learned so much from the speakers we’ve had an opportunity to listen to and I, myself, plan on becoming an entrepreneur.

Here’s what I’ve learned by being part of Y.E.S.:

  1. Being a boss isn’t about commanding others and having them do your work; it’s about being a leader and knowing how to treat others.

  2. It is about time and money management and how to deal with your personal and business life.

As a 17-year-old, Y.E.S. has opened my mind to the endless possibilities that are out there for me. They are for the taking for anyone who is willing to put in the work and effort to make it happen.

I have been stuck in the school system for 14 years. Having the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the entrepreneurial world has been eye opening. Y.E.S. has given students the opportunity that many schools don’t usually offer. We are taught that going to college and getting an education is the only way to become successful, but they don’t tell us about the entrepreneur path. An interesting thought comes to mind. Why don’t they teach us about the entrepreneurial journey? I’m not saying that school is the wrong path to take; I am stating that there are different paths in life than just what others have told us.

My school cancelled our business program and there wasn’t a teacher on campus to tell us about it, so I didn’t know anything about business. But then Y.E.S. came to our school and it gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge. When we gain knowledge, we can make informed decisions. Even if I were to choose not to become an entrepreneur, at least I had an opportunity to learn about it and to make a decision based on facts.

Now into my last year of high school, I hope the underclassmen at my school will be encouraged to find hope in their future goals instead of just believing that the only way to success is through a college education.

Tran Huynh


Y.E.S. to Success

by Tran Huynh

Website: StegelaSuccess.com