You Choose Not to Give Because You’re Selfish


I used to believe that I made too much money, it was selfish of me. I thought that because I had a good life, to want more would be ungrateful for what I had. The reality of the matter is that what I do with my money, despite how much I make, is what determines whether I’m selfish or not. You can give even when you don’t make much. You can be selfish when you make a lot. Don’t let your limiting beliefs dictate your reality. A huge lesson for me was that making money does not make me selfish or materialistic, even. Making money gives me an opportunity to impact people in a way that I currently either cannot or do not.


Why You Can Give Now

   The ability to give is not determined by the numbers flowing into your bank account. No gift ’s so small it doesn’t count. I don’t care how much you have! There will always be something you can give. It might be $1 per month. Maybe its $5 per month. Maybe it’s your time volunteered somewhere. It could be things that you don’t need. Perhaps you pick up an extra can of soup at the grocery store. There are so many ways to give.

   You can be offended when I say you’re not giving because you’re selfish. That’s okay. I probably will believe you’re just making excuses. There are always ways that you are better off than someone else- why not share with others?

Why You Should Give

1. Giving invites receiving.

While it may be a little biblical, even if that’s not your faith, good people return favors. Good people are always remembered first!

2. Giving often brings the “Giver Joy”

A strange thing happens to many people who give. Many find that they get more out of giving than the person who actually receives. By impacting another person’s life, you can draw a sense of significance.

3. Giving makes you more generous.

You literally become more generous whenever you give- fact. You will feel more abundant. You have enough that there is extra that you are able to share with others.

4. You can positively impact others.

Where someone used to have less, they now have more as a result of your kindness. Again, this doesn’t necessarily have to be money. Warm clothes make a big difference when you don’t have much. Also, your time can make a big difference for someone who is lonely, someone who may need mentorship or someone who needs support in some form.

Ruby Deinla