You Say I Can't, But I Say Watch Me


Women were once revered as adult children whom men can bed, control, and shush at will.  But today, women stand united to fight for the right to voice their opinions, to work where they choose (for equal pay), to end violence against women, for reproductive rights and so much more.  The month of March is designated to women globally to encourage and motivate each other to soar beyond what once was. Women have proved they can do almost everything a man can do and bare children; so why are we still fighting for simple liberties?

I truly believe in the expression, You say I Can’t, But I Say Watch Me, I’m Rooted In Me. Through the help of all my culturally different sistas, I’ve learned it is ok to love me first and pursue goals that are right for me. These women helped me to love my body and myself just because I’m a cool person. My questions are: If the main thing that separates women apart from men is brute strength, why can’t we be seen as equals? Why does someone need to dominate another human being? Why should culture or genitalia matter when it comes to building up the same world that we all have to live in?

Change in tradition (men worked, and women stayed at home) is never easy. But due to the increase in the cost of living, increased taxes, and low wages (all caused by men), the need for two incomes just to survive has helped pushed to fight for civil rights and liberties.  Women are now choosing when they have children when they get married, and as well as their own career choices. We now have women creating and running their own businesses like never before. Women are Entrepreneurs Digging Their Own Gold.

I love seeing women come together in harmony in large numbers for the betterment of each other. The winds have changed and will continue to change until women are viewed as intellectually competitive human equals. After all, without us, humanity would no longer exist naturally.

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Bernice Jackson, CEO, and Owner of Rise of Dark Dawn Design company.  Through design, my goal is to inspire those who don’t feel they have a voice, who need to be inspired, or just need to a good laugh.  Currently writing several children’s books and looking to publish this year.