Your actions has waves, scale in your potential


Your actions has waves, scale in your potential

One of the Biggest fears as an entrepreneur, is will the business grow in the beginning stages?   

We often hear from new business owners who plan to start a business or start an actual enterprise. 

Being a business owner myself, I understand all the fear, doubts and questioning your business in the beginning process- will the business make profit, or will this sustain and etc.

What I’ve learned is that this is normal to have all these feelings. That is the process. But we need to create a realistic target in the early stages. Identify your core competence. 

What helped me, is I developed, a strong mind set in the beginning stages- I have trained my mind, failure was not an option, always look for solutions to any challenge. And not to worry about how I will get there, or how I will make it, so I only focused on 1- 2 major task on the daily, towards the business. 

My only focus was –setting the right foundation and platform for my business and becoming an expert in our services and offers. 

Know your competition and deliver what your market needs, in your market space, adding value to your market. 

What help me scale was my daily routine: 

  1. Mind set

  2. The Plan

  3. Consistent Action

Having all three steps takes you and your energy in the frequency and eventually your scaling in with clients, expanding, adding the right team member in your business to help you scale, build the  operations in place, online marketing, funnel, delegating , thus will help your grow. But of course, executing your business plan will help your scale in the next level. 

Johanna Silva