Your Child Deserves Freedom From You


Once again, it’s your favorite Auntie, giving you a few free tips that many of us wish our parents wouldn’t practice with us. Many times we get so caught up in directing the youth based off of our experiences, that we may end up forgetting that we are creating leaders. If you want the best for our youth and you want to create leaders, you must let them have their freedom to live their own life; within reason of course.


Give our youth the freedom in these three areas of their life and you are guaranteed to be the person that they can always count on to never judge them, to always hear them out, and to be of an open mind.  


Freedom to be independent.

If you want our youth to be responsible, learn fast, and get a head start in life, give them the freedom to be independent. Many times we see parents holding their kids back from making their own decisions on just about anything and everything. It’s crazy to see that some kids don’t have many choices to make on their own due to overbearing adults around them.


If we encourage our youth to make their own decisions instead of always asking for permission, then we create leaders that know how to be decisive and responsible enough to accept the outcome of their decisions. Teach them to weigh out the pros and cons in their decision-making. They will learn how to overcome adversity through personal experiences ensuring that when challenges do arise from their independence it won't be a problem because they are accustomed to facing challenges from an early age.


Freedom to speak their mind.

If you want to raise our youth to be confident and to never let another person walk all over them, you must give our youth the freedom to speak their mind. While working with the youth through our non-profit, Young Entrepreneurs Society, many students feel they are not being heard because there is always an adult interrupting them. Many feel like their opinions and feelings don't matter. They are afraid to communicate for fear of being judged or their ideas not being good enough.


Giving the youth freedom to speak their mind will help them from getting taken advantage of. The one that can speak up, be socially and mentally confident with their thoughts and words, will breed leadership that says, “You can count on me to always be the real me,” and we all know authenticity is a leadership quality that we can all respect.


Freedom to dream big.

Did someone ever try to crush your dreams? Do you remember how that made you feel? Imagine someone crushing the dreams of our youth? Can you reimagine how they feel?


My friends, allowing our youth the freedom to dream big is a guarantee that they can always count on you to be their support in a world full of the unsupportive. By allowing our youth the freedom to dream big, they will have the confidence to take on the world. Because you allow them to dream big and believe in their dreams, our youth begin to believe in their dreams even more. The freedom to dream big is a gift of creation coming from our own imagination; and that, my friends, is a gift that nobody has the right to limit anyone of us on.

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Mary Hang is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Although she wears multiple hats as an entrepreneur, her biggest and most rewarding passion is impacting the youth through Young Entrepreneur Society.