Your Current Situation Isn’t Your Final Destination


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Often when you think former NFL player, you think of the parties, the money, and the glamour associated with professional sports. However, Trent Shelton is an example of the change so many entrepreneurs go through in their lives. Growing up, Trent’s entire life revolved around the game. Getting to the level of being a professional athlete takes determination, grit, and obsession which is what precisely goes into running a successful business. It can also come with heartbreak and lead to loss of self. 

This happened to Trent as his NFL career started to shift from a dream come true, to a seemingly consistent string of what felt like failures. He was traded and cut from team to team, and along the way, he felt like he was losing himself. When he got his present-day wife pregnant, it seemed to be another letdown and another loss. Instead, it would shift Trent’s world to an entirely new purpose. When his son was born, it gave Trent the inspiration needed to work on himself, and even find himself again. Through all the pain, loss, and struggle, Trent came out the other side with a new lease on life. 

Even with personal development and the change in Trent’s life, the pain would come back for round two. At this point, Trent had the inspiration to work on himself, but it still felt like the pain had a target on him. When one of his closest friends committed suicide, a significant shift was made. Trent promised that he would be a voice to all those that felt as though they were not enough or felt like what they were going through was their final destination. Trent was now on a mission to change the world. 

Up until this point, money had been just a tool, and it could be used to better your life or to glorify yourself. Now, money had a much bigger purpose. Now, money was a tool that he could use to make a lasting change in the world. This was when Trent started making investments that he knew would change the world, not only with his money but with his time. 

Trent had already started a Youtube channel where he posted videos inspiring people to make changes in their life. He coached people through R.E.H.A.B. While most people think of rehab for substance abuse, Trent saw it as so much more. He used this system to help others Renew Every Heart And Body. Through this system, he helps people like you get your mind right so you can make a real impact in the world. To create that impact you first must:

Know Yourself

Knowing yourself will open a new world that can help you make a massive change in the world. When you know and begin to accept yourself for all your faults, all your strengths, and your past, you help others do the same. So often we allow the world around us to impact us and change who we are. But the more you know yourself, the stronger you will become, and you can begin to show up as yourself more often. 

Focus On Your Work Offline

When Trent began his journey of making videos to help others begin their personal development journey, he didn’t stop his own development. What makes your work with others more impactful is to continue working on yourself. The more you grow, the more of an impact you will be able to create in the world. You are enough just as you are, but that doesn’t mean areas of your life can’t continue to improve no matter what level you are on right now. 

Stop Tripping

Sometimes the greatest pieces of advice are those that we have been told over and over again. Think back to a time in your life then you thought everything around you was crumbling. How did you feel? Were you calm? For the vast majority of the world, the answer is no. The same was for Trent. At that time in his life, before his son was born, he felt like nothing was going right and he found himself believing that the sadness and stress he was experiencing daily was his final destination. But your current situation is never your destination. In your life, there will be seasons, and they will change, whether they are good or bad, the most you can do is understand that you are enough and you will be stronger for going through what you are now. 

Through this interview, Trent has given us all so much value and has started to help us to work on ourselves so we can create an impact in our world and it doesn’t have to stop here! Trent just released a fantastic book, The Greatest You, and has a coaching program where you will learn to find yourself again. Working with Trent is as easy as picking up his book, or going to:

No matter what season you are in right now, remember you are enough, and you can create an impact in this world beyond your wildest dreams.

Trent Shelton


Trent is a former NFL Player for the Redskins, Colts and Seahawks. He now focuses his time challenging millions of people to turn to Jesus Christ to change their lives. He is also the founder of non-profit organization, RehabTime, a motivational speaker, YouTube sensation, and named one of the 20 most inspiring people on the web by


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