Your Freedom

Your Freedom


What is freedom? Freedom to me is having the ability to do, say, and act however I want to at any given moment, without being restrained or constrained by the environment, people, or the circumstances I am in. For me, freedom is having the ability to be fully self-expressed and freed to do what I want for my life exactly the way I want to do it and exactly the way I choose not to do it.

What does freedom sound like? What does it look like? What colors do we see? What is the struggle and what is the release? As the holiday, July 4th approaches it is one that is dearest to me. A holiday to remember and always appreciate freedom, the freedom to express oneself, to follow your own path, your heart, and as entrepreneurs, your desire to build something great within you and outside of you. 

As an owner of a live music entertainment company I feel so grateful that my service is live music. For many, music sets them free. They go to it to find hope, strength and fulfillment. I'm so fortunate to be part of facilitating that feeling for others in live events. So my question to you is how you are bringing freedom to others? Can you see that your service brings freedom to others? Maybe it's allowing people to feel free from that stress of buying a new home because you’re in real estate, or the freedom from unhealthy eating habits because you have a fitness business, or the freedom of having to worry about cooking at home because you own a meal prep company. 

The point is, we as business owners are bringing freedom to others because ultimately our service is solving a pain. Some type of bondage, light or extreme. 

Lastly, who are you allowing to bring freedom into your life. Maybe you are scared to date again, maybe you fear letting go of money to invest into a business coach though you know in your heart it would accelerate you. Maybe is the pain of throwing out those unhealthy meals for a fitness coach or meal prep company. Whatever it is, there are people walking around you every day that have the keys to freedom for you. Take the chance and pay the price, because freedom always comes with a price. 

As we enjoy the 4th and are grateful for our families, our country and all who serve to keep us safe. Never forget that freedom is everywhere around us. Not only that, it's in you as well. Keep walking the amazing entrepreneur path and keep bringing freedom to others.